Local Send Offer

Local Offer for children with Special Educational needs and/or Disabilities (SEND)

The aim of our local offer is to provide information for families on how we can help and support children within our setting who have SEND requirements. We have used the Essex County Council ‘guideline questions’ format in order to answer some of the questions you may have about our provision.

Below are some frequently asked questions about SEND here at Writtle Green Pre-School

Before the child starts preschool parents complete a registration form that gives details about their child which includes if their child has any medical conditions and if the parent has any concerns. During the induction process for all the children the parent and child are invited into the setting for a taster session, the child will be allocated a key person, this is a good time for parents to discuss if there are any concerns regarding the child’s development, how best to support the child settling in, any additional resources, or care that the child may require. The parents are also invited to complete a child profile either at home or with the child’s keyperson, the profile gives us information regarding the child’s development. Once the child starts preschool we will carry out observations on the child and log these starting points into their individual learning journey called “tapestry”. We link these observations to an age development area set out in the early year’s foundation stage framework. We also carry out a progress development check after the first half term with us, we highlight any concerns we may have regarding the child’s learning and development, and we discuss the progress check with the parent and they are given a copy. We understand that each child learns and develops in different areas and at different rates but if we feel that the child would benefit from enhanced support we will discuss this with the parent and work in partnership with them. If the parent has any concerns and feels their child may have SEN then we are happy to discuss this at any time before the child starts at preschool and during their time with us, we can then seek further advice if necessary from our area senco or other professionals with the parent’s consent.

We have staff qualified up to level 5 at Writtle Green preschool, they have many years’ experience in working with children in early years and have a good knowledge of child development

When the child has been identified with SEND we work closely with the parent, sharing information and working together towards the child’s next steps. We ask the parent to complete an ‘All About Me’ child  profile, this gives us information of what’s important to the child, the parents and how we can support the child working towards their outcomes. We gather together all the information on the child including observations, doctor’s reports, speech and language reports etc and together with the parent we plan how best to support the child, this may involve making a request and obtaining a SEN premium. The child may benefit from enhanced support, additional resources, visual aids etc. We obtain parent consent before sharing information with other professionals. The deputy supervisor at Writtle Green preschool is SENCO trained, and other members of staff have training in SEN. We work with our area senco for support, advice and borrowing of resources.

Every child is unique with their own interests, learning styles and are at different stages of learning and development. We work with the parent and using the child’s interests we create a learning environment that is accessible to each individual child. We put in practice a variety of strategies to support the child to reach their full potential. We provide activities that are challenging yet achievable. We are continuously evaluating the setting and look for areas of improvement to best support the children who attend the preschool. We ensure that all the activities are accessible and we make any adjustments when required.

Parents are given opportunities during drop off and pick time to discuss any issues with the child’s keyperson, the supervisors, senco, staff and our administrator. We have an area where confidential information can be discussed. If these times are not suitable for the parent we can arrange a mutual convenient time.

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